Food & Wine
The Golden Rules
Food and wine matching is never easy, and it depends also on individual taste. But there are certain hidden rules and some experts' opinions which we'd like to share with you.
Normally it is sensible to start with a young, light, well-chilled wine and progress to more mature, more full-bodied fine wines served closer to room temperature.
Have a sip of water or some bread in between wines.
Most meals begin with dry whites, then reds, then sweet whites, except in the case when the starter being fois gras which pair very well with sweet whites.
As a general rule, of course there are, dry whites go well with seafood whilest reds with meat and game.
Some dishes/food will not go well with almost any wine. So, don't try to struggle.
Sometimes you'll find that picking a simple local wine to match local dishes might beat some expensive big names.

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