Savage Vines Wine Review for July 2024

Savage Vines ReviewSavage Vines is a UK online wine shop that offers a wide array of subscription options. Each of these wine subscription options allows customers to indulge in well-picked selections from independent winemakers and sellers. Savage Vines wine subscription allows you to select from four different packages.

With a Savage wines account, you can set up a subscription to get all white wine, all red wine or a mix of the two. Also, Savage Vines offers another service, which is its tiered monthly wine subscription club. This service allows you to put your favourite wines on layaway of sorts, which helps you to save up for expensive bottles of wine over time instead of paying all at once.

Savage Vines wine subscription has a unique occasion on the horizon, which is a perfect time to take advantage of it. The online wine shop offers bio-dynamic and organic wines from small independent winemakers. It has its headquarters in London, England, United Kingdom. Whether you’re a newbie or you have been drinking different wines for the past few years, you should be able to try out Savage Wines.

Before you can create your Savage Wines account, you should be sure to go through all of the following sections to discover more. In the following sections of this detailed Savage Vines wine review, you’ll find everything that you need to know about this virtual shop ranging from how to order wine subscription boxes to customer support services. So keep reading to discover more.

How Does the Savage Vines Wine Subscription Work?

Savage Vines wine subscription is all about finding its customers natural wines and delivering a box of two or three to their homes each month. All that you need to do is to subscribe to the wine club and pick your favourite wines, including whites, reds or both. After that, Wine Savages will do the rest for you.

Your wine boxes will arrive in your home during the last week of the month, depending on your chosen delivery day. All of the wines come in secure and easy to carry packaging, allowing them to be delivered to work if you’re worried no one will be at home to receive them.

If you are a monthly subscriber, your subscription boxes come with a map and tasting notes that provide you with all you need to know about the independent winemakers, how it has been created and some important tips on the food pairing suggestions that will blend smoothly with each bottle.

Savage Vines Wine Subscription

Also, the in house sommelier Kyle will provide you with a link to a wine podcast where he talks about Savage wines arriving in your box. The link to the wine podcast will be sent to you on the day of delivery. Before displaying the wines for you on the website, the team of experts tastes hundreds of great and new wines, and only 10% of the bottles make the cut for the Savage wine subscription boxes.

The team of experts is dedicated to finding the wine club society great wine, and it has a preference for independent family-run vineyards that employ sustainability industry practices as part of their respective winemaking techniques.

The Savage Vines subscription club does not use middlemen or third parties, opting to send its experts to the vineyards to meet the owners as well as independent winemakers to hear their tales and make sure that the juice is good enough. The team of experts is constantly scouring the world for quality wine products that they can get their hands on all for your advantage and enjoyment.

It does not stop there. All wine subscription members will enjoy a 25% discount on full-priced bottles of wine available in the online shop. Also, the team puts together podcasts and Spotify playlists to listen to as well as informative tasting notes and travel blogs for you to read.

How to Order the Best World Wines from Savage Vines

Ordering a bottle of quality wine at Savage wine subscriptions club is easy and straightforward. What you need to do is to create a new wines subscription account, pick your favourite method of payment and then choose your monthly subscriptions that start from £29.95 a month.

This subscription allows you to get two bottles of great wine delivered to you every month. Also, you can choose to get 12(£139.95), 6(£79.95), or 3(£42) bottles delivered monthly. Once you choose your subscription service, the boxes will be added to the cart each month and delivered directly to you.

Who Owns Savage Vines?

Wine Prophets Limited is the company that owns Savage wines. The company was incorporated on 17th match 2017, and since then, it has been offering wholesale of beer, spirits, and other alcoholic beverages. The Savage Vines website is the entire property of Wine Prophets Limited, and the company exclusively operates it.

Wine Prophets Limited is registered by Companies House and the Registrar of Businesses for Wales and England. Savage Wines is registered in England and is committed to providing its consumers with the best wine subscriptions. The company is also committed to protecting and respecting customer privacy, and it is compliant with British Law.

What Wines Can You Buy from Savage Vines

Savage Vines is the favourite monthly wine subscription in the UK as well as other regions around the world. The mission of this subscription service or company is to get you out of the supermarkets and introduce you to the best wine regions and grape varieties. The experts from around the world handpick wines directly from small producers focusing on bio-dynamic and organic wine created with minimal intervention and little impact on the environment.

Finding the best wines at a fair price can prove to be a difficult task, and Savage Wines Club understands this. That is why it has experts to help you pick bottles of wine that blend effortlessly with your needs and requirements. Purchasing an individual bottle of wine or a mixed case with Savage Vines Wine Club is easy. You just need to gift a wine or subscribe to the subscription service for unique and high-quality bottles of wine.

Whether you love organic, bio-dynamic, conventional, or vegan wine, you will find the best options on the website. And the best part is that all these types come with food pairing suggestions as well as tasting notes. Some of the most popular wines that the platform can deliver to your door include the following:

Red Wine

Chateau De Gaure Languedoc Rouge 19If you are looking for a bottle of wine to be delivered to your door, then a Savage Vines Subscription Wines account is what you need. This shop offers a range of red wines from small independent producers around the world. The virtual shop imports the wines directly from small and independent family-run vineyards to provide you with only the best products.

If you are in the UK, you can sometimes enjoy free delivery as well as a free bottle of red wine. The most popular wines include Chateau De GaureLanguedoc 19, Zuschmann Schofmann – Zweigelt Classic 18, and Sileo – Montsant 2018.

White Wine

A wide range of white wines is also available for you to choose from. So if white wines are your favourites, then you will enjoy the best deals, including free delivery across the UK, especially when promotional offers are available on the website. Cheteau De Gaure – Limoux 19, Trevibban Mill – Black Ewe 18, Plansel – Verdelho, La Zerba– Gavi Docg 18 and Pla De Morei – Filigrana Blanca 18 are some of the bottles of wine that you can get your hands on.

Rose Wines

Rose wine isn’t as popular as red or white wine. But it has been gaining popularity recently. Securely packaged and delivered rose wine provides you with savoury tastes resembling fruits such as cherries, plums and blackberries.

Savage Vines has some of the best rose wines from small independent wineries for you to enjoy. Some of the customer favourites include Oxney Estate – Rose 18, At Roca – Rosat Reserva Cava 18, Weingut Gsellmann – Tu Tisch Rose, and Susana Balbo – Crios Rose.

Sparkling Wines

These are types of wine that have a significant amount of carbon dioxide. Sparkling wines are identifiable by the bubbles that they produce. They are technical and intricate wines compared to red, white, and rose wines, as they undergo two fermentation processes. If you want a unique wine experience, you can visit the sparkling wines section and choose your favourite bottles or a mixed case.

The top-rated sparkling wines that you can purchase and enjoy free delivery to your door include Joseph Masachs – IL Lusio Cava Brut Nature, Oxney Estate – NV Sparkling Brut, Trevibban Mill– Pink Sparkling Brut, and At Roca – Reserve Cava Brut 18, to name just a few of them.

Savage Vines Discount Code

Savage Vines Club provides its clients with some promotional offers that include discounts. Once you create a new account, deposit an eligible amount of money and then make your first order, you will start enjoying free delivery services and bottles of wine. Each and every bottle or box of wine comes with two prices when you buy direct from the website.

There is a different price for regular members as well as subscriber users. The price for regular members is slightly higher than that of subscriber customers. This means that subscriber members enjoy some discounts on all types of wines available. Also, there is a dedicated loyalty club that provides members with lots of discount code offers and other perks.

The loyalty club has three main levels, which include Gold Wine Club Membership, Silver Wine Club Membership, and Bronze Wine Membership. These levels of the loyalty club will allow you to enjoy a 25%, 15% and 10% discounts, respectively. Aside from the discounts, you will also enjoy a personal account manager and free delivery on all wine boxes.

Customer Service Review

If you have any questions or concerns, you should feel free to contact the Savage Vines customer support team. The team is made up of professional and friendly agents that are ready to help you solve any problem that you may have. To contact the customer support team, you can use three main channels. These channels include phone (0203 603 1150) and email (hello@savagevines.co .uk).

The phone is the best option if you have an agent question. And if you have a long-structured question, then the email is a perfect match for you. While replies through the phone are instant, you will have to wait for 24 hours to receive an email response.

Final Thoughts on Savage Vines

There are many reasons why you should sign up with Savage Vines. The company’s wine subscription services are unique to the regions where they’re made. Savage wine products come in small volumes, but this is an advantage on the other side since it allows for exceptional quality.

Savage Vines buys wine directly from the winemakers to make sure they receive a competitive price. The small team of experts meets with independent winemakers and see the entire process from start to finish. This ensures that your glass of wine delivers exactly what you expect from it. All of the win boxes and bottles are handmade, and the company mainly looks for organic and bio-dynamic wines that it includes in its monthly subscription.

As an added advantage, the monthly subscription members will enjoy a 25% off discount on all types of wines from small businesses and winemakers from across the world. If you sign up with the website today, you will be sure to enjoy your favourite wine taste at affordable prices.

Savage Vines Wines FAQs

Is Savage Vines Any Good?

In our opinion yes, Savage Vines is a great shop from which to order your bottles of wine. From this company, you will be sure to receive high-quality wines and enjoy lots of discounts on them. The prices are fair enough to accommodate all types of consumers.

Is Savage Vines a Wine Club?

Yes, Savage Vines is a wine club. It offers different types from a wide range of producers across the world. You can sign up and subscribe to receive the monthly wine deals that are always on offer.


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